:: Chromat NYFW Fall17::

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The recent election has the nation in a state of uncertainty 
and how resilience the  Country will be under the current
 political administration.According to Becca McCharen Tran,
 the theme for her fall collection 
Buoyancy was inspired by the  election and the sate
 of survival mode in the country.  She incorporated "survival mode"
 by the use of life jackets and inflatable rafts in her collection.
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                                                      IMAGES BY luca tombolini for Vogue.com
McCharen Tran states that she  wanted to make clothes to help wearer
feel lifted and elevated, like they could survive in rough, open waters.
Uniiqu3's opening performance of her song Werk Ya Bawdy,
 had the crowd jamming and ethusiastic for the show to 
begin. In an industry were diversity and inclusiveness is
often questioned due to brands selection of size zero
 models and often in time the token black girls.
Chromat set the tone for their runway embodying
the inclusiveness of beauty and positive body image.
Models strut down the runway with a positive 
message to love your body.  Seeing Models in all shapes
 and sizes representing a brand with such unique aeistheitcs 
like Chromat was definitely the highlight of the day.  
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                                                      IMAGES BY luca tombolini for Vogue.com
From the inflatable straples dress ,vests, coats, sleeves, 
and bright hues, McCharen Tran stayed true to
the DNA of her Brand.  My favorite piece from the collection is
 the strapless, float inspired dress from the vibrant hue to the cut detail,
 this dress might not be made for everyday wear but
The fall 16 collection will not hit
 stores for another 6 months but wait you can still
 shop Chromat's current colletion here
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                                                                 IMAGES BY luca tombolini for Vogue.com

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                                                                   IMAGES BY luca tombolin