::::The Return Of Mom Jeans::::

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The fashion Styles from the 90's and early 2000's
 are back and I'm totally loving it.  My relationship 
with skinny Jeans is a more of love and hate, love 
how flattering they are but not when getting into 
them can spometimes be tentative.  

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                                                       Shop This Look

These vintage Levis jeans
 or "Mom Jeans" are supper comfortable and no need
 to worry about fit issues due to putting on a few pounds 
from holiday season.  Paired these Jeans with my favorite
 T shirt in my favorite city.  
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If you are not a fan off puffer coat, which can honestly
 make you look bulky sometimes, Michelin anyone?
                                            Wool and Camel Hair Coat, are great options for 
keeping warm in the winter season.  

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                                                      One of my go to Coat for the cold winter season
 is this Camel Hair Coat by Ralph Lauren.  
I have linked to similar options below and
 links to budget friendly mom jeans.

Happy Weekend Everyone.
XOXO Prisla

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                                                   Jacket :  (similar)  (similar) 
                                                 Sweater :  (similar)
                                                  Denim  :  (similar)   (similar)
                                                     Shoes :  Converse (Similar)
                                               Purse :  Chanel (Similar)(similar)
                                           Jewelry  : Chanel Pearl Earrings
                                                              Lips : MAC RED ROCK (here)