::Mickey Mouse Sweat Shirts::

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"All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it. " 
 The above  quote from the book, 
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, comes  to mind as I look over images to select for this Post. 
 Mickey Mouse Licensing brand brings forth memories of child hood trips to
 Florida and the excitement and adventures at Disney World, Seaworld,Six Flags abd endlessfamily vacations.  As we get older do we truelly forget these memories,all the things that made our childhood, or do they take a back
 burner of all the responsibilities that comes with being an adult?  Do we really become 
Grown-ups that never understand anything by themselves, and thus become tiresome for children to
 always and forever be explaining things to us?

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                     Loved layering a button up shirt with this sweatshirt which was topped up 
with a wool coat to keep warm in these streets of NYC.  Different retailers 
offer this licensing shirt at different price points which I have linked below.

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                                                      Jacket : Old (similar)                                                          
                                                    Sweater :  (similar)
                                                        Shirt : Jcrew (similar)
                                                        Denim  :  (similar)   (similar)
                                                        Shoes :  Zara (Similar)
                                                         Purse :  Chanel (Similar)(similar)
                                                    Jewelry  : Chanel Pearl Earrings
                                                          Lips : MAC RED ROCK (here)