::Christian Louboutin Paloma Medium Woven Tote Bag F/W 16::

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                 Image Source Bergdorf Goodman.com         

Christian Louboutin
Paloma Medium Woven Tote Bag, Multi


I'm always excited to receive  seasonal catalogs from retailers
 and always find myself browsing websites to peek pre 
orders for the coming season.  Imagine how stunned I was, whiles 
browsing the Bergdorf Goodman website and came across 
this purse by Christian Louboutin which is currently on 
pre order. Kente anyone?  Whiles I believe in designers
 exploring diffirent cultures as inspiration and creative ways to stand
out from competition, the print for this purse reminds me of circa 2006 
when MaJacobsrc   presented us with the Louis Vuitton "Ghana must go"
inspired bag. The stamp of the label on the bag somehow justified the
brand to charge a hefty price tag of $300 whiles your next local beauty 
supply store sells them for $5.  Celine followed suit in 2007
by utilizing the prints of the bag in apparel consisting of jackets, tops,
skirts and the famous celine tote

 photo Kente Clutch.jpg
(Kente Clutch from Ghana)

What are your opinions 
about designers using traditions and cultures to inspire 
their creation? 
 photo Christian Louboutin Paloma Embroided Clutch Bag.jpg
Would you be willing to spend $1,250 on this bag or stick 
with your good old Kente bags by local Ghanaian designers

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Post with Kente Turban