::::Lemon Print Midi Dress::::

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Since Fast fashion brands like F21 and H&M entered the scene, 
retailers have been struggling to hold on to loyal consumers, whiles 
looking  for different approaches to attract the millennials and thus 
stimulate growth in Net sales as well as in store traffic.  In the process of 
competing with fast fashion brands, major specialty brands 
have unfortunately lost their DNA.
  We see brands like Aéropostale (recently filed for bankruptcy) 
Banana Republic, and Jcrew facing decline in sales 
whiles trying to produce pieces to accommodate the millennial consumer.  

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I will therefore admit that New York and Company lost me
as a client a few years ago.  Made several trips down
Lexington Avenue without ever entering the store.
My friend recently convinced me to help her select
 some pieces for work from the store and I reluctantly agreed (lol).  

Let me just say that I was blown away by the major
 improvement in the product lines being offered
especially the Eva Mendes collection.  This Lemon print fit and
flare midi dress and this midi skirt  (last seen here) are from Mendes's collection.
 Love the silhouette as well as the quality of the Fabric.

Congrats NY&C on winning back a long lost  consumer.

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                                                       Dress :  Eva Mendes (similar) (similar)             
                                                               Hat : Old (Similar) (Similar) 
                                                               Bag : Coach  (similar)
                                                           Shoes  : Zara   (similar)
                                                     Sunglasses : Tom Ford  (similar)
                                                        Jewelry  : Michelle Watch (similar),Giles and Brother (here)  
                                                               Lips : Mac "Lady Danger (here)  
                                                  Images by Nathaniel of @ehfo_photography