::Fishnet And Ripped Jeans::

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 Happy Friday Lovelies.  Hope your week has been a 
blessed one.Today marks another Casual Friday 
segment were I incorporate casual looks.  
And before you ask,Yes this outfit was worn to the office, 
one of the purges of working in a Fashion Corporate environment. 
 photo Fishnet-Under-Ripped-Jeans-Outfit-Ideas.jpg
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 photo Fishnet-Ripped-Jeans.jpg
Love the unexpected combo of these jeans. PS.it is a one piece.
You can achieve this look by pairing your favorite distressed 
shorts over ripped jeans.Loving the current trend of pairing
 fishnet stockings with ripped jeans.  Decided to opt for a more colorful
 fishnet to pair with my ripped jeans.
Is the fishnet with ripped jeans a Yay or Nay?
Will love to know in the comments below.
 And as always Thank You for stopping by.

 photo Distressed-Jeans-Outfit-Ideas.jpg

 photo Fisnet-Under-Ripped-Jeans.jpg

 photo Fish-Net-Under-Ripped-Jeans-Outfits.jpg

 photo Fishnet-And-Denim-Outfits.jpg
                                           Peplum Blazer : Old (similar)                                                          
                                                         Shirt :  Gap (similar)
                                                       Jeans  (similar (similar)
                                                        Shoes :  Old (Similar)
                                                         Purse :  Chanel (Similar)(similar)
                                                    Jewelry  : Chanel Pearl Earrings
                                                          Lips : MAC RED ROCK (here)   


Berty Morales said...

Great look and oh my those jeans! Also I have been dying to wear fishnets under my distressed jeans. I think you gave me the push I need it!

Berty Morales
Mad For Fashion For Less

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