::50 Shades Darker Inspired Look::

 photo 50-Shades-Darker-Movie-Fashion.jpg
Who else is as excited as I am for the upcoming
 release of 50 Shades Darker.  I have to admit I will 
most likely be first inline on the release day. 
No I will not join the overnight line the day 
before thats  were I draw the line haha. 

 photo 50-Shades-Darker-Movie-Inspired-Looks.jpg
                                                             Shop This Look

 photo 50-Shades-Darker-Inspired-Fashion.jpg
As a fan of 50 shades series I promise to 
have an open mind and not keep dissecting
scenes and compare and contrast to the books, 
well I will try my best if that helps.
 photo Valentines-Day-Outfit-Ideas.jpg
Todays look is inspired by the masquerade
 scene from the movie.  I have linked to fun
 budget friendly pieces below for the ladies 
looking for that perfect piece for Vday.
 photo Masquerade-Ball-Outfit-Ideas.jpg

 photo Valentines-Day-Outfits.jpg

 photo Masquerade-ball-inspired-looks.jpg

 photo 50-Shades-Darker-Masquerade-Outfit-Ideas.jpg
                                                     Jacket : Old (similar)                                                          
                                                       Dress Old (Similar)
                                                         Shoes :  (Similar)
                                                    Jewelry  : Mask (Similar)
                                                          Lips : MAC RED ROCK (here)   


Olivia DiTomaso said...

So glamorous!



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